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brought the garden hose to cool off members!

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It really depends on your abilities. I usually try to have every rep planned out but I think going by feel on your first attempt will be good.

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For a limited time, when you purchase a 2lb. tub of Driven Nutrition Whey protein, you get a free BlenderBottle shaker! We just got a shipment from Driven to restock our protein supply. We have tubs of Fresh Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Milkshake, and Strawberry Milkshake in stock. We also have more Watermelon Thruster Pre-wod available. #DrivenNutrition #Supplements #Protein #PreWod #Fitness #Nutrition #CFSEproShop #Freebie #BlenderBottle #CrossFitSouthEnd

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Mobility class today @ 6:30pm will be focused on Lats, Shoulders, Traps and Abs. And don't forget to stay for Yoga @ 7:30pm... EVERYONE NEEDS IT!

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Once you see results, you won’t want to stop. #Cfe #Crossfiteternal #Crossfit #fitness #workout #dontstop

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Add Caio to the Muscle Up Club #crossfiteternal #muscleupclub

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The School of Greatness podcast is perfect for midweek listening, especially when it's with Coach Glassman!

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Thursday December 8, 2016 6:00pm - 7:15pm BFL Workout: 3 Person Team 15min AMRAP Row (300m/250m) 10 Clean & Jerk (95/65) 40ft OH Lunge (65/35) Scaled - 65/35, 35/15 Rx - As written Competitor - 135/95, 95/65 *If you don't have a team yet, we'll partner you up! No 5:30pm or 6:30pm classes. 6am, 11am, 4pm and 7:30pm classes WOD: For Time; 150 Wallballs (20/14) Every 3 minutes complete 10 Burpees Scaled - 14/10 Rx - As written Accessory Work: 2 Rounds 20 Hollow Rocks 20 Super Mans 20 V-Ups 20 T-2-B 20 GHD Back Extensions

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I am just really excited for tomorrows Barbell Complex and WOD's!! That is all! See you tomorrow! Tomorrrow's Workout: Barbell Complex In the following complex, complete your heaviest lift in 15 minutes: “Dos y Uno” 2 Hang Power Clean+1 Front Squat+2 Push Jerk+1 Split Jerk+2 Back Squats+1 OVHS WOD Pick your poison WOD’s: WOD #1 2 Rounds for time: 40/30 Cal Row 40 Box Jumps (24/20) (no lockout) 3 Hang Squat Cleans (Weight you ended your complex at) -OR- WOD #2 2 Rounds for time: 21/15 Calorie Bike 15 Wall Ball Shots (20/140 9 Strict Pull-ups 6 Burpees over the bar 3 Hang Squat Cleans (Weight you ended your complex at) -Time Cap For Both Workouts is 13 minutes-

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Sending our very best wishes to longtime CFDCers Elyse M. and Shawn I., who are all packed up and on the road to their new digs in sunny SoCal. Shawn took the first sip of the Kool-Aid (motivated, rumor has it, by wanting to look like a character from 300 for his wedding), completing Elements with Coach Tom in September 2013. Elyse wasn’t far behind, though. Next thing you know, both were regulars at 14th Street evening classes, and familiar faces at gym events -- from happy hours to the Smackdown to the Open. We won’t soon forget the time Coach Steve convinced Elyse to jump in and do “Helen” with the other CFDC coaches -- after she had just done the workout in class. (We always knew there was an animal behind that calm, sweet demeanor!) Or the time Shawn I. -- King of Open "Firsts" if there ever was one -- locked out his very first bar muscle-up in the 2016 Open; a worthy follow-up to hitting his very first ring muscle-up in the 2015 Open. “We may not remember a lot of the individual workouts (it's our coping mechanism), but we will sure as hell remember the people we suffered through them with and the coaches that got us to where we are today," Elyse says. "It sounds cliche but CFDC changed our lives for the better and it’s a huge reason we are so sad to leave DC. Our next box has such big shoes to fill it almost feels impossible... we will forever consider CFDC our home." Come back and visit soon, you too. Much love from your (forever and ever) CFDC family!

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We want to get back to recognizing our amazing athlete community! This week, Kristine!! Kristine has been with us a LOOONNNNGGG time, so we have high expectations from her each and every class. She has not settled, is always working towards a new goal, works incredibly hard and has made consistent progress throughout her time with us. Her quiet intensity, strong work ethic and consistent openness to new cues, ideas and corrections to form make her great to have in any class. She is an active part of our community outside of the gym and is supportive to her fellow CrossFitters at every turn. If you've never been to a 5am or 6am class, come workout with her and witness her crush it live!

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Time for Friday Night Lights in Friday! Feel free to compete, spectate or just generally hang out. Chill out afterwards with some always epic DCF Slap Cup Showdown!!!

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Join now for 50% off your first month!

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The latest order of MPH apparel has arrived! Please see Rebekka or Melody for pick-up. If you have not paid, please also bring cash or check to claim your items!

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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ STARS CAN'T SHINE WITHOUT DARKNESS #FoodForThought #CrossFitReVamped #Community Photo Credit: Jennifer Runyon Photography

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Back Squats are on tap for today, but more importantly to note is the intentionally slow lowering phase of the lift. Wondering why we get so much pleasure out of making your lifts harder?? Check out Head Coach Noah's latest post for some answers!

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BFL Workout Sneak Peak!!!! Tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm everyone can participate in a fun, friendly In-house competition workout. Team of 3 (If you don't have a team, we'll pair you up!) There will be a Row. There will be Clean & Jerks. There will be a Mystery Movement (or two). Scaled, Rx, Competitor, and Master divisions!!

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Wednesday 12.07.16 Pre WOD Core 2:00 High Plank 2:00 Arch Hold 1:30 Side Plank L 1:30 Side Plank R ______________________ Every 0:30 for 3:00 (6 sets) 1 Power Snatch @ 60% -2:00 weight adjust- Every 1:00 for 6:00 (6 sets) 1 Squat Snatch @ 70% -2:00 weight adjust- Every 1:30 for 6:00 (4 sets) 1 Squat Snatch@ 80%

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TJ's Gym Workout for 12.7.16. #tjsgym #tjsgyms #marinschooloffitness

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Back in early 2015, Anthony Lowenstein sent me (Allison) this photo of his "alternative workout" for people if they didn't like any of the three lines of programming we had in place. He named it the ALow iOS group workout, making fun of our Google Group discussion board. I had joked that I had sent him an invite to it about once a month, for about six years, each time he had asked, though he never signed up. The email interactions w ALow over the years were priceless, and we will share some good ones from time to time. So, don't worry, this is NOT tomorrow's workout. We will get back to other pics and content very soon, as well. #tjsgym #tjsgyms #ALow #youcantmakethisshitup #godspeed

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This will be a fun one!

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This will be a fun one!

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A little bit of Zen after a good workout. Keep up the hard work. See you tomorrow!!!

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So proud of Candace tonight. The greatest adaption was between the ears. A few adjustments and her implementation of them, resulted in a good PR! @crossfit858 @crossfit858missiongorge @crossfit858uptown #crossfit #crossfit858#crossfit858missiongorge#crossfit858mg #crossfit858uptown#sandiego #sdfitness #sandiegofitness#sorrentovalley #scrippsranch #lajolla#miramar #miramesa #utc #ucsd#alliedgardens #grantville #delcerro#friars #missiongorge #sdsu#missionvalley #northpark #npsd#normalheights #858 #619

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Wednesday, Dec. 7th WOD: Holiday Mystery WOD #7! Things to bring: -Metcon shoes -Wrist wraps

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Wednesday: 1000 meter Row or 800 meter Run 50 KB Swings 52#/35# 100 Double Unders or 300 Single Jumps Rest 2 min For time: 100 Sit Ups

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12/7/2016 Beginner Intermediate Advanced WOD 24 Min EMOM Min 1-6 Odd - 7 Back Squats Even - Max reps pull ups Min 7-12 Odd - 7 Back Squats Even - Max burpees Min 13-18 Odd- 7 Back Squats Even - Max KB swings Min 19-24 Odd - 7 Back squats Even - Max box jumps Back Squats: Beg(75/55) Int(95/65) Adv(115/85) KB Swings: Beg(26/18) Int(1/26) Adv(1.5/1)

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Coach Jesse (@coachjesse_fortius) working power clean technique with 4pm class. #teamfortius #crossfit #oly #olympiclifting #weightlifting #sandiegocrossfit #sandiegoweightlifting #fitness #lindavista #livesore #formulao2 #drinko2

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Quick heads up the 5am class will be cancelled due to a scheduled power outage. Thanks everyone.

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Time to get down with some pause squats, yo! #developyourself #liftstrongandprosper #cfnbfam

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We teamed up with @abc_hopes to give you a functional Christmas gift. Everyone that comes to the Christmas party will get one of these so you don't have to walk out of the grocery store with all your healthy foods falling out of your hands. #DoTheHardThings #ItsAMovement #abchopes #christmas

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CrossFit Kids at 4pm! #DoTheHardThings

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BACK SQUAT: 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 then 5 Rounds for Time of: 5 Thrusters (135/95) 10 Toes-to-Bar 20 Double-unders Extra Credit 1 min Side Plank each side X 2

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WOD 12.06.16 A) 'Angie' 100 Pull ups 100 Push ups 100 Sit ups 100 Squats For Time. #Crossfit #TrojanCrossfit #TrojanAthletics #WarriorsComeOutToPlay #Warriors #DTLA

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